The ancestral Markelhay Blade known as Moonbane is an exceptionally well-made masterwork +1 longsword. The guard is emblazoned with the crest of the Markelhay family. The pommel is set with three moonstones that glint with a silvery light when the moon shines on the blade.

It is said that Moonbane was the blade of Aranda Markelhay, First Lady of Fallcrest and the founder of Moonstone Keep. Over time the blade became associated with the Markelhay family as a symbol of their stewardship.

During the Orc raid on Fallcrest an ancestor of Lord Warden Faren Markelhay by the name of Marten Markelhay covertly fled into the Catacombs underneath Fallcrest, fearing for his life. With him he took the blade Moonbane, symbol of the Markelhay stewardship over Fallcrest. In the aftermath of the raids no trace was found of Marten Markelhay and the blade was believed lost.

Recently a party of adventurers sallied forth into the Catacombs at the behest of Lord Faren Markelhay and succesfully retrieved Moonbane. Restored to its former lustre, Lord Faren now carries it as a symbol of renewed hope and a reminder of the former glory of Fallcrest.


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