Tag: Wizard


  • Allande Markelhay

    Lady of Markelhay, wife of the Lord Warden of Fallcrest. Lady Allande Markelhay is a middle aged woman married to [[:lord_of_fallcrest | Lord Warden Faren Markelhay]], ruler of Fallcrest, a small village to the south west of the Barony of Remarque.

  • Nimozaran the Green

    Nimozaran the Green is the elderly occupant of the Septarch's Tower in Fallcrest and considers himself to be the Guild Master of the Fallcrest Mages Guild. It is worth noting that currently the "guild" membership merely consists of Nimozaran and his surly …

  • Tobolar Quickfoot

    Tobolar Quickfoot is small even for a Halfling, with a temper that belies his diminutive size. Grumpy and dismissive, people in Fallcrest have often wondered why [[:nimozaran-the-green-14 | Nimozaran]] has accepted Tobolar as a student. Tobolar for his …