Osrik Stonebrow

A Dwarven prospector.


A slightly emaciated Dwarf with sunken cheeks and dour eyes, Osrik has suffered at the hands of the Goblins that patrolled near the old King’s Road west of Fallcrest. His sense of smell is permanently damaged from dangling over the Goblins trash pit for days. His clothing is ill-kempt and oft-repaired, showing the passage of time and the harshness of the wilderness.


Osrik Stonebrow set forth from Hammerfast to prospect for valuable resources to the west of Fallcrest for his trading company. While travelling the King’s Road he was beset by a Goblin patrol and captured. Tortured for the amusement of the Goblin patrol leader Osrik developed a strong hatred of Goblins. Eventually a party of adventurers cleared out the cave of Goblins and rescued Osrik. In his gratitude, Osrik parted with most of his material possessions and pledged to assist the adventurers in their possible future acquisition of the Goblin cave which appeared to contain gold seams.

Osrik Stonebrow

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