Nimozaran the Green

High Septarch of Fallcrest


Nimozaran the Green is the elderly occupant of the Septarch’s Tower in Fallcrest and considers himself to be the Guild Master of the Fallcrest Mages Guild. It is worth noting that currently the “guild” membership merely consists of Nimozaran and his surly apprentice Tobolar Quickfoot. Undaunted by the recent lack of apprentices, Nimozaran embarks on misguided attempts to recruit new members by handing out flyers and pjromising great arcane works and wonders beyond compare, all within reach for the low, low admission fee of two hundred gold pieces for admission into the guild.

A bald, old, shriveled man, Nimozaran attempts to compensate for his stature by shouting loudly and gesticulating wildly. Though but an apprentice to the mages at the time of the Orc raids, Nimozaran has learned some magic that serves him well. He might be willing to teach other people various arcane spells and rituals for the right price.

Nimozaran the Green

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