Mounts use a custom homebrew set of rules in this campaign. Mounts gain experience through actions they undertake amd through interactions with their owner. Experience can be used to buy additional abilities or bonusses that benefit the rider, mount or both.

Experience gain

Experience is gained separately from adventurers experience and is tracked by the DM. In order to gain experience the mount must partake in actions or events that go beyond normal, such as participating in combat or travelling through exceptionally harsh terrain. Once enough challenges are overcome, the mount will have gained ample experience to gain a level. Upon gaining a level a mount gains an Ability Point.

An important note: the Mounted Combat feat is NOT required to gain access to the abilities and bonusses provided by this system. The Mounted Combat feat is still required to access any mount abilities as given in any sourcebook, although (improved) variations may be accessed through this system.

Ability Points

When a mount has ability points to spend, new abilities or bonusses can be unlocked for this particular mount. In order to unlock these abilities, a rider must visit a trainer who has the ability to teach the desired ability or bonus (for a fee, of course). Depending on the skill some time must be invested in harnessing the new ability or bonus. From then on these bonusses may be added to the mounts character sheet. Additional abilities or bonusses may be unlocked based on newly acquired abilities or bonusses.


All abilities and bonusses are part of one of three paths. Sbilities and bonusses further along a path are only unlocked once a preceding ability or bonus is learned, thus providing several ways for each mount of the same species to differentiate even further.

The Steadfast Path

This path focusses on those who prefer sturdiness and stability.

Sure Step
Bonus: When making a test to see whether the rider is knocked off the saddle due to an obstacle or when the mount attemtps to jump, the check may be rerolled once.
Cost: 50 gp
Time to learn: 2 days

The Serene Path

This path focusses on those who wish to form a strong mental bond with their mount.

Companion’s Whistle
Ability: As a minor action, the rider may whistle a specific call that has been taught to the mount. Choose one: the mount makes a saving throw against fear effects or the mount moves towards the rider on its own turn if it is able.
Cost: 50 gp
Time to learn: 2 days

The Swiftwinds Path

This path allows both rider and mount to move as one with the terrain.

Shadow’s Grace
Bonus: Whenever both mount and rider roll a Stealth check, the player may elect to roll the mounts check first. If he or she does so, once rolled the player may elect to use the riders roll instead. The mounts own stealth modifier still applies to its result, and the mount MUST use the riders result even if it is lower.
Cost: 50 gp
Time to learn: 1 day with trainer and 1 day in the wilderness


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