Aesvha'la'oine 'Avalon' Icelighter

Mysterious seeker codenamed Icelighter


Level 6 Seeker

Elf – Medium – Male – Neutral – Corellon – Common/Elven


Backstory (as known to players thus far)

Mature elf, black hair, slim, fast, shoots elemental spirits with his bow. Seems all right. Met Aeone and Sidrial during a guard mission. Met Zohra at Markelays keep. Has been with multiple groups of adventurers and armed forces before. Sticks with this group because of shared goals (a wish to achieve something big in life). Very dedicated during fights, shows a (too?) strong bond with his elemental spirits. Remarkable wisdom through years of experience, not natural intelligence. Very comfortable in woodlands and nature, cities make him nervous.

To his surprise, mastered Ghost Wolf during the battle with Staglord. Development needs further study…

Currently positive because of outpost deal with Lord Markelhay.

Loves: progression, achieving things, seems to favorite his fire and ice elementals, maps, reading.
Hates: talking with cityfolk, waiting, surprises, bugs, big bugs, Owlbears.

Quote: ‘’Life exists at the very center of fire and ice. Find the right temperature or vaporize.’’


- Horse: Palomino name still under negotiation with horse
- Preferred Weapon: Longbow Icebreaker
- Magic clothes: Sylvan Armor, Boots of Spider-Man
- Swag: Amulet of Bahamut, Crowbar of the Free Men, Axe of Cutting (Wood)
- Status: Presumed single
- Family: Maybe

- Investments:

- Shareholder in Hearthstone Trading Company’s The Stinky Goblin Mine operation.
- A PR-agreement with Silver Moon inn.
- Expedition co-leader for The Caravan and future Outpost.

- Heroics:

- Retrieved Moonbane with Aeone and Sidrial for Lord Warden Faren Markelhay.
- Killed The Staglord with Aeone, Sidrial, Zohra and Travok for Lord Warden Faren Markelhay. Also some human magic dame that seemed to be important.

- Associates:

- Travok Burzum the Believer, met in Fallcrest. Relation: neutral/doubtful. [Current status: death] He admired his skill and righteous fury in the end. Although Avalon has seen more than enough dying teammates in his life, this one felt harsh and painful.
- Dingus the Betrayer, met in the Staglord Outpost. Relation: pissed off. [Current status: deathwish]. Bandit, attacked Aeone during negotiation. Doesn’t stay tied-up when asked. Found out he had a nightly conversation with Sidrial. Needs arrow in back or punch in face.
- Jonathan the Traveller, met in Fallcrest‘s Tomb of Markelhay. Relation: neutral/ positive. [Current status: alive] Seems like a trustworthy fellow. We’ll see how he leads the caravan.

Aesvha'la'oine 'Avalon' Icelighter

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