Amara Azaer

Merchant Mistress of House Azaer


Amara Azaer is a young but sharp Tiefling from the House Azaer trading company. She represents the companies interests in Fallcrest and provides goods, arms and armour to those with the coin to trade for it. She spends most of her time on the premises of the House in Fallcrest, though on occasion she can be found scouting the inns and taverns of Fallcrest for new blood and possible trading ventures. Amara is unlikely to miss any opportunity for making profit in running the Azaer business.

A slightly skinny and tall Tiefling, Amara is a brunette with subtly curved horns protruding from her brow framing a hawk-like face. Her reddish skin lends a fiery and energetic image that suits her persona well. Her clothing is lavish though mostly tasteful.

Amara Azaer

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